What Should Landscape Lighting Be Placed At?

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is a very essential part of home lighting. Not only does it provide mood lighting but it also offers important safety information. Before we get into some guidelines of where to place landscaping lights, it is necessary to define the role landscape lighting plays in your home.

When you sit at your computer and browse through a newspaper or a magazine, you are not looking at your home. You are not looking at your house. The illumination that we are looking for is one that is focused on your home, not outside.

With this type of lighting, you can concentrate on more important things such as your plants, your fish, your bird, and your fish pond. A well-placed spotlight will also highlight any other part of your home that may not be so easy to see.

Lighting your yard is a very good idea for improving the overall look of your home. Landscape lighting provides an attractive ambiance for your garden or yard. It also provides increased security and safety for your outdoor areas.

Many homeowners don’t think much about landscaping lighting until they see it in use, and they then ask themselves: “Where should landscaping lights be placed?” It is always a good idea to consider the type of vegetation in your yard, but you don’t have to do it by type.

You should always remember that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to yard maintenance tasks. This includes keeping your lighting plan along with a proper place to put them in.

But, having plants with strong shadows means that the lights will cast shadows of their own, not the plant’s. It is possible to make up for this problem with the right plant, however. You may need to put down a strip of plastic over the area that you want light to shine on, and in the yard.

This will lessen the shadows cast by the plants and help prevent light from over or undercasting your plants. If you want a very clear picture of where you should put your landscape lighting, just think about how your yard or garden area would look if you did not have any kind of landscape lighting.

So, where should landscaping lights be placed? Here are some things to consider:

The location of the light. Make sure that it will be properly shielded from overhead neighbors who may be able to cut the electricity. Also, make sure that there are no places where it will cast shadows on the plant that you are trying to protect.

Where the light is going. Does it have to go somewhere?

Are you near it? If it is against the wall or the corner, there is a possibility that you will be walking directly into it.