How Landscape Lighting Can Transform Your Home?

Landscape Lighting

Choosing the right landscape lighting is important in order to enhance your home and garden. There are many types of landscape lighting systems available in the market today. You can select an integrated lighting system that includes a wireless sensor to control its operations, or a solar powered lighting system. Both options have advantages and disadvantages and so you need to analyze your particular needs before making a purchase.

When choosing landscape lighting, you should consider the great styles, models, styles, and designs you have in mind. The following are some of the most popular types of lighting used in the home and garden today.

Floor and Ceiling Lights. These lights are generally easy to install and do not require an electrical outlet. However, they use very bright lights that can damage the surfaces on which they are being installed. The majority of these lights are mounted on the surface of the floor or ceiling and have a rod that connects to a circuit switch.

Wall Lights. These lights are often mounted on a wall that is perpendicular to the direction in which the light is coming from. They use high wattage bulbs that tend to produce glare. This makes the fixtures hard to see when the lights are on. Most of these lights also come with dimmers to prevent overloading the bulbs.

Outdoor Brighter Lights. This type of lighting comes in very bright bulbs. These bulbs use fluorescent technology that is energy efficient and offers natural light that does not make a noise when it glows. Some of these lights are plugged into an electrical outlet and others are battery operated.

Low Voltage. These lights are typically battery operated, although there are some that operate solely through a sensor switch that adjusts the current and voltage. This system provides a gentle motion at night without wasting too much energy. Solar. These lights are often used to illuminate garden paths, walkways, driveways, and even entry ways. They come in a wide variety of sizes and offer more light than other types of lights. Some can be operated manually or automatically by motion detectors.

Equipped Lights. Many solar-powered lights are equipped with motion sensors that turn them on and off depending on the presence of human activity. Others are equipped with dimmers to allow some of the light to shine through.

Chandelier Lights. These lights are positioned high up on a ceiling or other location where there is enough overhead lighting. They are a beautiful accent to any type of lighting.

Floating Lights. This type of lighting is composed of two or more lights. There are some types that are motorized and will fall to the ground in place of the traditional wired system. They are not wired together but are merely mounted on the wall above the area where they are to be used.

Modular Lights. This type of lighting consists of several parts such as lighting strips and are usually suspended from the ceiling. You can usually assemble these pieces together or replace one or more parts with a prefabricated kit.

No matter what style or size of home you have, you can use various styles of different lights in order to transform your home. The modern interior can be highlighted with lush floodlights while the classic colonial look can be enhanced with multi-colored lights that mimic older styles. Regardless of the style of home you choose, you can bring your own unique touch with the colors and designs of your landscape lighting.