Fiskars Telescopic Loppers

Fiskars is regarded as one of the leading suppliers of landscaping tools and equipment. Their products include a wide range of cutting tools. The Fiskars Telescopic Loppers comes with strong, lightweight extruded aluminum blades with a non-stick coating on the lower blade for easy cutting. The handles are ergonomically designed and will extend up to 27 inches to assist increase leverage when cutting. Suitable for light cut work on hard landscaping surfaces. Ideal for low maintenance landscaping equipment.

The Fiskars Telescopic Loppers comes in a two-piece set. The first piece is the blade with a full length adjusting screw. The second piece is the sliding foot with a removable sliding plate. The adjustable foot plate can be removed for simple cleaning, and the blade can be adjusted from full to half-a-tone. The loppers can also be used for trimming lawn edging, light maintenance grass cutting and other odd jobs. The total package is suitable for light duty landscaping cutting jobs plus along with the adjustable foot and blade, it is also compact, lightweight and versatile enough to be used in smaller areas.

The two-piece system allows the user to adjust the cutting depth from a full tone to a half-tone angle. The Fiskars Telescopic Loppers is available in a range of four hues and six blade styles. A pair of cutters can be purchased separately; a pair for cutting and a pair for trimming. The loppers can also be used as a saw for light duty landscaping cuts plus along with the blade and cutting tool, it is compact, lightweight and versatile enough to be used in smaller areas.

One aspect that may detract from the use of Fiskars Telescopic Loppers is their price. Like many power equipment, they are expensive but the overall value for money is definitely well worth it. Many reputable chains of golf courses have adopted these tools to ensure maximum practice and tournament availability. With an estimated ninety-three percent precision, the accuracy of these tools makes them highly accurate for even the most exacting golfers. Plus, a pair of precision cutters paired with the proper care and sharpening will last a lifetime.

Maintenance for Fiskars Telescopic Loppers is easy and simple. Most models come with a limited lifetime warranty and are covered by a five-year warranty for the frame and a one year warranty for the blades. And although the warranty does not cover wear and tear on the blades themselves, most replacement blades are covered under the same extended warranty. A quick brush with a soft woolen cloth after use will allow any excess dirt to be easily removed, and a few taps to get the lippers ready for use will ensure that the tools are free of scratches and nicks. Any damage that does occur can be easily repaired with a little time and the correct tools.

Even if your yard is short on space, or if you are unsure of what size cutter to choose, Fiskars Loppers can still give you all of the leverage and versatility needed to get the job done. With a standard width blade and a standard length pruning tool, each pair of cutting leaf tools Fiskars produces is very maneuverable. This means that when you are working in a narrow yard or working in a space that is small and tight, the leverage of each individual pair of cutting tools is maximized. Because the blades spin at a low sixty-eight velocity, precision is never an issue. Plus, the high speed for which the blades spin provides you with quick access to the tendons in the back of the tendons, and since the blade is so narrow, even tiny cracks in the wood will have plenty of room to mend.

The ease of use is another thing that makes Fiskars telescopic ladders popular. They can be used by just about anyone, from the beginner to the seasoned hunter. If you decide to invest in two pairs of these cutters you can be sure that you will have a lot of leverage, and that every job will be easier to complete. That is because as you progress through your tree work, you will be making very few cuts per day. By using these tools, you will only need a limited number of tree shoots to cut, and you will finish the job quickly.

Since Fiskars Loppers has a reputation for being some of the best tools available in the woodturning industry, it comes as no surprise that these products are sold everywhere. While many people may be put off by the idea of loppers being so readily available, it is hard to argue with the quality that these tools offer. In truth, many turners would be silly not to own a pair of Fiskars, especially since they are so affordable. If you want to make a statement and make your tree stand out, a pair of Fiskars Telescopic Loppers could be exactly what you need to do just that.