10 Essential Garden Tools

Trowels Garden starts with a simple hand trowel garden and think they are an indispensable garden tool you should own. If someone asked what landscaping tools never die, answer would definitely be a shovel, gloves, mower and spades. While most new landscape tools have some sturdy and expensive mowers these days, at first of every landscaping season, purchase a few cheap and low cost mowers since most know used to pull them out. Spades and forks are also essential to any garden as they make the work very easy and you can find a variety of sizes in spades. It’s always better to have many spades rather than none as they make digging a lot easier.

Landscaping tools that often get ignored but are equally important are rakes, spades, hoes, spinners, trimmers and pruners. For rakes, you can’t leave out the shovel as this is the most important landscaping tool you own. A good rake can take care of all your yard needs and it is very hard to do manual labor when there are so many rocks, sticks and leaves to move around. In addition to helping you move things around, a rake is also useful for trimming grass or weeds.

The second most important equipment in a landscape setting is a composting pile and tumbler. This is where you store all your organic waste materials like fallen leaves, branches and other yard waste material. A compost pile is necessary not only for your garden but for your overall health as it aids in the decomposition of organic matter. Since your garden and yard are full of dead plant material, it is necessary that you compost as soon as possible. Purchasing and using a compost tumbler will speed up the process.

Another set of tools is the pruners which are used primarily for the harvesting of fresh bulbs but are extremely useful for the collection of leaves and other garden debris. These gardening tools come in various sizes and designs depending on the function they are intended for. You will find that a pair of pruners will easily collect leaves, twigs and grass clippings from your lawn or garden and they can be used over again.

The shovel is yet another essential garden tool. They are very versatile and serve several different purposes. For example, you can use the shovel for moving snow and ice on your driveway, sidewalk and patios. They can also be used for digging up tulips, bushes, and other plants and flowers that need to be removed from the garden area for proper fertilization.

A pair of heavy duty garden spades are an excellent choice when it comes to digging up dirt and loose soil. They are simple tools, but do require you to keep them well maintained. This is because they can easily break or chip if not properly cared for. While choosing a set of spades, make sure you consider the depth at which you will be using them. If you plan on doing a lot of digging, you may want to invest in a set of big heavy digging tools.

One set of tools that most people don’t think to include in their list of essential gardening tools is the wheelbarrow and rake. A wheelbarrow is essential if you plan on planting and cultivating plants in large areas such as a yard. There are many different kinds of wheelbarrows, including those with adjustable lengths, those with storage compartments to hold seeds or fertilizer and ones that have an open design that makes it easy to collect leaves. Rakes can also be used for digging up dirt and planting seeds.

Of course, the garden is not complete without the most important tool of all: your hand trowel. It may seem simple, but a good troweling session requires precise movement and motion. This means that you will want to invest in a sturdy troweling hoe. It is best to choose one that is made from steel for its durability and that has a blade that will cut through all types of turf and clover. Hand trowels are essential garden tools that every gardener should have in his or her arsenal.