What Flowers Grow Best on the East Side of a House?

If you’re trying to decide what flowers to grow in your flower garden, you might wonder which flowers are best for your home and which flowers are best for the east or west coast flower garden. This can be a trickier question than some people may think. There are certain flowers that do better in the east or west coast flower garden regions than they do in their native locations. Here are some examples of flowers that tend to do better in the more western or eastern flower regions:

* Roses and Daisies Both roses and daisies do well in flower gardens that are planted in the east. These plants are best planted in medium-sized beds. If you have a huge yard, you can use a fence to separate the two plants so that each plant gets the attention it needs. Try to stay away from using dwarf rose plants in flower gardens, as these plants will not thrive. They are best suited to a larger space and as most varieties of roses are perennials, you can easily move them around. Daisies are another good choice if you are looking for a perennial that can live both the winter and summer seasons.

* Lobelia is a flower that is best suited to an indoor flower garden. You will need a greenhouse and the proper temperature and light levels in order for this to flourish indoors. The flowers will bloom in the spring, only if you transfer the plants outside when the weather begins to get cold. The best time to plant this flower is late in the fall or early in the spring, prior to frost.

* Sweet Alyssum While the flowers of this flower do best in warmer southern areas, they will also do nicely in a colder climate as long as you provide them with the proper temperature. In order to grow sweet alyssum, you should place the flowers into a small hoop, fill with soil and cover it with some gravel. Keep the lid on for several weeks until the flowers begin to bloom. Sweet alyssum is a perennial and as long as you provide it with a dark pot, it will bloom year after year. The best place for your sweet alyssum is in a south-facing window, because they prefer a cool climate.

* Gardenia You will find a wide array of flowers and plants that grow best in the east side of your home, but there is one flower that is very rare to find growing east side of house – gardenia. Gardenia grows in south Texas and southwestern Louisiana. It is a climbing plant that flowers in purple, orange, white and black. When planted in a shady area and given ample room to grow, the flowers can reach six feet high. The thick green taproots make it difficult to pull the plant out of the ground. You have to dig around the roots to get the plant out of the ground.

* Rosemary Although roses are mostly grown for their beauty and fragrance, roses also grow well east of the house. To ensure healthy growth, Rosemary should be planted in a south-facing window facing the east. If you want to add some color to your Rosemary flower bed, add a few dark pink blooms about two to three feet high. Rosemary flowers attract bees and butterflies, so they are good for pollination.

* Lavender flowers grow in sunny southern climates. To ensure they stay healthy, the buds should be planted a few weeks before the first frost. As the plant matures, new shoots will begin to appear, which provide a constant supply of new blossoms.

While all these flowers may look pretty when they are new, when they mature they require a little extra care to ensure they survive. Flowering plants usually do not need much attention during their growing season. However, as they age they will need more assistance from you. If you want to know what flowers grow best on the east side of a house, follow the above-recommended tips.