Tips To Choosing A Fish Pond Liner

Choosing the right landscape pond liner for your barrel pond is a little different than conventional liner choices. The problem lies with using plastic, as it tends to break down over time. If you want to lengthen the life of your pond liner, you can choose to go with a fiberglass material or go with a synthetic California polyethylene (California pink). Both of these types of pond liners last for years with proper care. You should always choose to use a high quality product that will last and do the job.

If you are just getting started with your garden pond design and are looking for an inexpensive alternative to buying preformed garden pond structures, you might want to try using pre-fabricated liners. There are a lot of good deals available online. Many online garden supply stores offer a wide variety of colors, sizes and materials. And, they are not all that much more expensive than a comparable size of natural fiber garden pond liner. Plus, you don’t have to be worried about breaking the bank.

For small to medium sized ponds, a good choice is a floating cork floor. It will look good in any landscaping style and add value to your home. Other good options are vinyl, rubber and composite liners. Each of these varieties will give your pond that classic look that is ornamental but low maintenance.

Some people are using an upcycle system to create a larger water feature. An upcycle is a new way to recycle waste material into a useful garden tool. With this system, you can build a pond from any materials you choose. Wood, stone, pebbles, metal, or any other material you can think of.

As with any type of recycled material, an upcycle system can be configured to suit any size or shape of the garden. You can create a pond with plants from a yard with minimal effort. The plants can be used in the traditional manner, or you can opt for a prefabricated pond with fully automated systems. In addition, you may want to grow some native plants along with your potted garden. The prefabricated pond with plants will give you the option to move the plants from one location in your garden to another, should you desire.

Other garden ponds have ornamental features, such as waterfalls and ponds with fountains. These structures require specialized construction. The liners used with these structures are designed to withstand wind loads and will not crack after being exposed to strong sunlight for long periods of time. A great selection for this application are bentonite clay pond liners. Bentonite clay is similar to clay in consistency, but it is extremely weather resistant and has excellent water holding properties.

For waterfalls and ponds, the best selection would be vinyl liners. Vinyl liners are lightweight and can withstand strong winds. You will find several styles in vinyl, so the choice will be dependent upon the desired appearance of your garden pond. Also, many people prefer liners that are flexible so that water can drain easily from the pond into a spillway. Flexible liners are available in both solid and filled varieties.

Many gardeners find that rectangular pond designs are best suited to their yard. These designs work well with larger yards, as well as those with more subtle landscaping features. Because these liners are made to fit the ground securely, installing them in even the most irregularly shaped yard should be no problem.

For a small garden or a pond with only a few amenities, you may choose a round pond with a water feature such as a fountain. For more of a natural feel, try a stone water feature such as a waterfall or cascade. These options work best in well drained soils and can look beautiful when finished with moss or landscaping roses. Stone features work well for both large and small gardens.

If you have a smaller pond and need a way to accentuate it, try using rocks, small pebbles or cactus for water plants. Rocks work great because they provide extra seating while providing interest for your landscaping. Some small pebbles and cactus will provide just the right amount of shade for a fish pond or water garden.

Finally, no matter what kind of pond you have, you will want to pick the right pond liners. If you get the wrong liners, they will not float properly, they will not stay in the water, and they may even die. Picking the proper size and material will help to make sure your pond stays clean and healthy. For more information about the best fish pond liner for your garden, take a look at the links below.