The Best Perennial Flowers For Landscaping

Perennial flowers are the type of flowers that can be easily maintained by planting them in a variety of locations and they grow best in southern states. Florivals are generally considered to be plants that prefer full sun during their growing season and they can survive even with partial shade. In this article, we will discuss the most popular perennials that grow best in south Florida. The list includes the following types of flowers:

* Rose – This beautiful perennial flower grows in almost any southern climate. It is very hardy and adapts well to low-light conditions. It is a climbing vine whose long roots grow close together forming dense thickets. There are many varieties with various colors of purple, pink or white flowers that are ideal for landscaping. Rose bushes can be planted as a shrub or as an annual. You can prune them often, but if you want to keep them a little wild, you can cut them very short.

* Azaleas – This is a lovely plant with pretty purple blossoms. Azalea blooms in full sun. This flower garden shrinks in humid conditions and prefers shady areas. Azaleas is a low maintenance perennial and one of the best flowers for landscaping. Azaleas grows best in south Florida, so if you live in that part of the country, this is the type of plant you might want to include in your landscape.

* Sunflower – This is a native plant that grows in south Florida and tends to prefer full sun. The flowers are large and come in a variety of colors. Sunflower prefers full sun but will tolerate some shaded areas. Many people mistakenly believe that all sunflower comes in white, but this is not true.

* Sweet Peas – They like a little bit of shade, but like full sun. When you want to bring sweet peas to your yard, consider planting these in the deeper parts of a border and then spreading out with your other flowers. They do well with some variation in soil so if you have sandy soil, they may need a touch of fertilizer. Most grow to about 3 feet tall and have pretty leaves. They prefer full sun, but they will tolerate partial shade. In extreme temperatures they can go into a dormant state.

* Parsley – If you are not a gardener, you probably think that this is not a flower that is suitable for landscaping. However, you would be surprised to know that parsley is actually a very easy flower to grow and is a favorite of landscapers. Parsley is full sun or semi-shade and comes in many different varieties. Some prefer the flavor of the newer varieties, which come from the Mediterranean and are red and purple, but others like the flavor of the classic yellow variety that has white petals. It prefers full sun and will grow up to four feet tall.

* Rosemary – If you love roses, then you will love Rosemary. Rosemary prefers full sun and has gray, blue, purple, white, or pink blossoms. It is a landscaping favorite because it is easy to prune, so you don’t need much maintenance. This herb is hardy and is very dense. It’s perfect for landscaping around the base of trees. It will grow to about ten inches tall.

These are just a few of the perennial options available to you. When choosing the best perennials for landscaping, keep in mind what time of year you want to plant them. The perennial herbs and flowers that you choose will bloom during different seasons. So choose the ones you like and enjoy them throughout the year.