The Best Backyard Pond Fish For Your Garden

If you enjoy keeping tropical fish and like to spend time relaxing in your backyard pond, then the most logical choice for you would be the guppy. But before choosing any particular fish for your garden pond, you need to ask yourself the question: “Is my pond ready for the guppy?” You see, guppies are actually quite easy to look after. They need tropical waters (78 -82 F) to survive and get along well with other species of fish.

With a small size (about three to four inches long) they can easily hide in the shadows of rocks and other objects in ponds. Moreover, they feed on aquatic insects that might infest ponds. Their natural enemies, too, include bacteria, algae, and fungus. They also prey on snails, crabs, crayfish, earthworms and a lot more. And although they don’t usually cause harm to the fish in the pond, if left untreated, they can kill them.

With these traits in mind, it is not surprising that many homeowners choose guppies for their garden pond. However, because of their small size (around a half inch in length), most garden ponds have difficulty accommodating them. Most ponds have small channels, ditches, or other forms of water diversion that do not provide adequate space for large guppies. Also, since they can easily get stuck in small crevices and holes, they are not really suitable as pets.

Other than their small sizes, guppies also have another problem – they are really picky eaters. They will eat almost everything – algae, crustaceans, insects, snails, frogs, plants and anything else. If you place your hand on the water, you will be able to see their tiny gill covers bobbing up and down as they seek food. Because they are so picky, you will need to keep careful watch over their diet. And while they love algae, they can also be allergic to certain types of plants, such as lilies or roses. This means that you should also be watchful over the types of plants that you include in your garden pond.

The second option for those who have small garden pond is to opt for goldfish. Goldfish are very cute and cuddly little creatures. They are popular pets in Japan, where they are considered to be one of the most popular pets. They are actually from the same family as cockroaches and slugs. In fact, both goldfish and cockroaches have some things in common, aside from their being classified under the insect family.

One important thing about goldfish is that they require very low maintenance. Because they do not eat air, there is no need to worry about oxygen in their pond. As such, it is important that you keep their pond free of leaves and other floating objects. If there are too many of these things, the goldfish may drown because they cannot breathe.

If you do not want to get rid of your goldfish because you think that they might die, you can try to feed them a special kind of algae that does not feed on fish, such as spirulina. It is important to note that goldfish only consume certain kinds of algae. If they get on these types, they will likely die because they cannot breathe. Another good option for goldfish is to place live plants in your pond. These types of plants are usually fed by goldfish, which is why you will find these plants at most pet stores in the United States.

Remember that the most important thing when it comes to pond fish is that you make sure that their pond is always clean. This is very important if you want to keep your goldfish alive over time. Do not allow dead fish to stay in your pond because this can cause the neighboring fish to die. Also, be sure to remove any fallen leaves off of your pond before it starts to decompose.