Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas For Front Yards

Who doesn’t want low maintenance, beautiful bushes in their front yard? And, who doesn’t want to save money, while making the best possible investment in their landscaping needs. In landscaping design, we often talk about maintenance requirements. But, a closer examination of low maintenance landscaping ideas can show why some landscaping maintenance is really unnecessary and sometimes undesirable. The following landscaping tips can help you make sense of landscaping design concepts like these:

If you have bushes, they must be maintained year round-not just during the springtime. While some may be willing to wait for the leaves to drop off in the fall, most will want to do their part to keep their landscaping decoration looking its best all year long. Many low maintenance bushes for front yards actually grow faster during the spring months and then slow down as the summer heat approaches. You should be patient with your bushes and make sure you don’t overfeed them. But, by paying attention to when you are trimming them, you can avoid doing more damage than good.

bushes should be trimmed back and dandelions should be removed. Many landscaping ideas recommend removing dandelions, especially if there are a lot of them, as they attract bugs and pests. Bugs and pests can cause serious damage to your landscaping design by taking over your plants and causing them to decay or even die. You may not be willing to pay a lot of money to maintain your low maintenance landscaping bushes for front yards, but you do want to make sure that they are not over-harvested, or otherwise destroyed.

Another thing to remember is that low maintenance landscaping does not mean dying the plant off and starting over from scratch. If you don’t want to, you can easily lay low shrubs and just start digging up the rest of the garden after the winter. This way, when spring comes, your low maintenance landscape bushes for front yards will still be thriving and looking great. It’s really that simple. Just don’t forget to water them and keep them healthy!

One of the biggest mistakes people make with their low maintenance landscaping bushes for front yards is over-watering them. A lot of low-maintenance landscaping ideas encourage you to use a watering method that is very similar to what you might use for lawns – the heavy watering. This actually serves two purposes – one, it helps to keep your low maintenance landscaping bushes for front yards healthy, and two, it helps to keep the grass green and alive during the hot summer months. It’s bad news for people who have perennials or tropical plants that need to be watered a few times each year in the summer. However, if you have a cool season landscaping plan, then you can adjust the watering to less often.

Another thing that many low maintenance landscaping ideas encourage you to do is to use herbicides on your low maintenance landscaping bushes for front yards. There are a few things to consider when you do this, and your landscaping budget may not allow you to do them. First off, herbicides are poisonous, and even a little bit of them will pose real, measurable risks to your family. Plus, even if you’re careful and use the correct amounts, some landscaping herbs do not actually grow well in acidic soils, and some herbs are toxic to pets, children, and other animals. If you have kids in your household, or animals such as horses or ponies, you should take this into consideration before you go crazy spraying your front yard with chemical herbicides.

Another thing that many low maintenance landscaping ideas recommend you not do is to fertilize your low maintenance landscaping bushes for front yards. Fertilizing your landscaping bushes for front yards causes them to grow more slowly, taking longer to bloom, and they will also resist pests more, which can cause them to be destroyed by them. This is because they will have higher needs to survive and be more susceptible to disease. This means that you’ll need to do a little better job maintaining your lawn and garden after each application of fertilizer, and you’ll have to make sure that your soil stays well-drained. This can be done by making sure that you don’t overload the area with fertilizer and by giving it water – just enough to keep the soil moist but not so much that it becomes unhealthy.

Finally, one of the most popular low maintenance landscaping ideas is to plant low-maintenance shrubs, which are easier on the lawn and garden, and will save you time and money. However, there are a couple of downsides to planting low-maintenance shrubs. First, you have to be careful that your low maintenance shrubs don’t grow too tall, and that they don’t become too bushy. Second, they won’t add that attractive color or feature that you might be looking for to really give your front yard character.