Landscape Electric Tools – The Best Choice For Your Yard

The Black & Decker Le758 electric landscape edger are one of the most popular edgers on the market today. With a two-year warranty and a price tag that only rival gas-powered landscaping tools, it’s no wonder that it’s so popular. And while there are some things about this model that may leave you wanting for more, overall, this is a great value for your dollar. But, what are the features you should be looking for?

Let’s start with the name. The Le758 isn’t a ‘658’ like the name suggests, but it’s still a pretty big name in landscaping tools. The company got its start in creating concrete pavers back in the 1930s, so they have a long history and plenty of experience. It’s also worth noting that Black & Decker has been producing non-motorized landscaping yard tools for many years, including an assortment of landscape pavers, as well as gardeners trimmers and weed whackers.

This is actually a pretty good set for the money. It’s got everything you could possibly need for your yard, and it’s all very compact. That means that you’ll have more room to plant, weed and work around your garden without the hassle of trying to lug around heavy equipment. While there aren’t a lot of attachments, there are a few that might be useful. If you do a lot of paving or want to use layers in your yard, these tools will be essential.

While not as helpful as the smaller landscaping tools, the two-axle adjustable saw is ideal for getting into tight places and for trimming bushes. The two-axle saw also comes with ball bearings that make it easier to turn quickly, which is especially useful when you’re cutting branches that are higher than the fence or house. All of the attachments mentioned here, plus the circular grinding device, make this set great for any landscape gardener.

There’s no arguing that the largest feature of the Heavy Duty Electric Landscape Edger is its motor, which is powered by an AC adapter. This makes it convenient for when you need to move your tools far away from your home or yard. And since the landscape tool is powered by a small gasoline engine (like your lawn mower), there is virtually no maintenance required on the part of the user.

The four-wheel, self-propelled tiller is equally at home working in the sand or the soil. It’s powerful enough to move even a small amount of earth, and this allows you to make long, even turns on the land. Plus, the self-propelled tiller is large enough to handle larger landscape tools, including weed whackers, lawn mowers, and other yard equipment. All of these features and more make the Black & Decker L&E set a great choice for nearly every landscaping job.

In addition to the power of the tiller, the decking tool has many other features that make this a great tool. The cast iron body allows it to be stable under most circumstances, even when wet. The cast aluminum design is tough, and its non-marring steel teeth allow it to be practical as well as appealing. The cast-iron body also includes a large cutting plate with diamond studs, making it possible to cut and shape almost every kind of landscape object in your yard. Plus, its sturdy, rubber-based grip allows it to be much more comfortable than some other popular landscape tools.

While these may not be the only things to consider when buying an electric landscape edger, they are probably the best ones to start with. They offer features that make them a great investment, and they come in a variety of styles and price ranges to fit just about any budget. Anybody looking to landscape their yard with an electric landscape tool should definitely consider the Black & Decker le758. You’ll enjoy the power and ease-of-use that it offers.