Create the Perfect Backyard Waterfall Designs

Backyard waterfall designs are one of the most attractive options for creating serene and tranquil backyards. While natural waterfalls have been revered for their breathtaking visual beauty, small vistas also make for much more romantic and soothing compositions. Smaller backyard waterfalls are quite easy and simple to install, if you decide on the DIY route and caring for a landscaping pond will also lend years of beauty and grace to your back yard. These are some simple to follow backyard waterfall designs that are sure to please any homeowner who is looking for a tranquil landscape with splashing water.

The first thing to consider when choosing backyard waterfall designs is the natural height of the water that is being cascaded. If you have trees in your landscape, you will need to carefully evaluate if any will be affected by the water levels. Many water features are constructed to be three to four feet deep and rising only half a foot or less at its highest point. If you have large trees or shrubs in your landscape, you will want to leave a gap between the top of the waterfall and any higher shrubbery. This will allow the water to flow naturally and completely down the landscaping without flooding your outdoor space.

Another thing to consider is how many tiers are present in the waterfall. In many cases, one tier is quite sufficient while others may need to be constructed separately to create an overall soothing waterfall experience. Most landscape water features are constructed from rock and native plants, which can enhance the appearance of your backyard. However, if you choose to incorporate more exotic or rare species of plants, be certain they will grow well with your climate. For example, water lilies are best placed near a fireplace to ensure their survival during the winter months.

When choosing backyard waterfall designs, you should also take into account how much sun or shade is available in your area. Some waterfalls do not require any special lighting, but many do require at least four hours of direct sunlight during the warmer times of the year. It is also important to remember that certain types of stone can be very slippery when wet. You may want to invest in outdoor step stones to make stepping from one foot to another safe for small children. These stones can also be placed throughout your landscape to create a sense of height as well as a way to transition from one landscape feature to another.

In addition to water features, there are a variety of other landscape accents you can add to create the perfect outdoor space in your back yard. Patio furniture, bird feeders, and garden benches are just a few options. If you are looking to create an inviting oasis, adding colorful flowers and plants will complete the decor. Many gardeners also find that one of the best backyard waterfall designs is to simply put a fountain of water in a nearby location, which can be enjoyed even if the weather is rainy or snowy.

Other landscape ideas for backyard waterfall designs include creating a peaceful seating area by adding a bench or chair inside of the water feature. The area can then be covered with plastic, which will protect it from the elements, as well as making it a nice place to relax and enjoy nature. You may also want to consider adding a small fan to this area, which will allow you to spend your time outdoors more comfortably and enjoy the soothing sound of the rushing water. If you are looking for ways to create the perfect outdoor space, you may find the most pleasing results by incorporating natural waterfalls into your landscaping design.

There are a variety of outdoor space planning resources to help you create the perfect backyard waterfall designs for your home and yard. Most of these guides contain several different floor plans to help you design your outdoor area. You can easily print these plans from your computer and use them as a guide when you begin planning your landscaping project. No matter what type of outdoor landscape features you would like to incorporate into your yard, you can make sure that it will be a fun and inspiring experience by using one of these water features.

If you plan to build your backyard waterfall from the ground up, you should begin by selecting the type of rocks that you would like to include in your landscape. For instance, if you prefer a rock garden, you should choose some large stones that are appropriate for large sweeping movements. However, if you want to have a smoother flowing landscape, you should use smaller stones, which will create a softer look. Once you have selected the right stones for your landscape, you can choose the right fountain to match the rocks.