Caring For a Purple Aubrieta Crookneck

One of the prettiest features of the Abode at Florence is the Arambol beach, with its charming aubrieta cascade purple blooms. The pink and purple streaks of this flower are truly breathtaking. This beach is home to a rare species of purple aubrieta. Here you will learn landscaping with flowers in purple streaks.

If you love purple, the aubrieta is a garden plant you must have. This composite purple aubrieta blooms with showy pink and purple flowers. The flowers appear to curl up as they cascade down the side of cliffs or the edge of cliffs. They look best when they are planted in large groups either in beds or in the edges of a yard.

The aubrieta is native to Egypt but has now become a very popular landscaping plant in Italy. It was brought to Europe by traders during the Renaissance. This purple aubrieta is now grown in a wide variety of climate and soil conditions in Mediterranean areas like Africa, Spain and Italy. In North America, it is often sought after for its exotic blooms. It has been known to be one of the prettiest and most stunning of all flowers.

To begin your planting of the aubrieta cascade purple, select three separate flower clusters that are approximately equal in size. When choosing the color of your aubrieta, you should prefer colors that blend together well with each other. A mixture of cream and purple would be a nice combination. If you desire, you could even create a mixtures of various pastel shades for even more color variation. The final choice depends on personal preference but remember that the brighter the colors the better!

When the flower cluster is fully grown, you should dig them up and divide them into two groups. The taller and larger of the two should be planted at the back of the house or in a central area. The smaller and bushy should be planted in a window basket or hanging baskets. Once you have divided the purple aubrieta into these two groups, they should be potted together to keep them apart. They should also be kept in separate pots so that the water does not stagnate between them.

Watering the aubrieta can be an easy task. Simply use a hose with a faucet made for watering plants and gently mist the plants using the sprayer. Make sure to keep the water moist though as it is very easy to over-water a purple aubrieta. Just use less water than you think you need to ensure that the plant has enough water to grow.

The other step in caring for your aubrieta cascade purple flowers is to watch out for weeds. Unlike other varieties of this purple aubrieta, the aubrieta has very strong growing habits and will quickly take over an area if you do not control it. If weeds do become an issue you can pull them out by hand with a pair of garden shears. You may also wish to use an old tomato tin or a large pot to put the weeds in. Once they are out, you can repot the aubrieta and place it in a new pot.

Caring for a purple aubrieta is a lot of work, but this is a beautiful plant with a lot of character. A purple aubrieta is a great specimen plant and can be used to decorate just about any space in your home. Because of its rather strong climbing habit, it can often be seen in gardens and on porches. The aubrieta does not have a lot of growing potential but with the proper care and attention, it will easily bloom into a stunning purple flower.