Best Outdoor Plants For Deck Selection

When it comes to selecting the best outdoor plants for deck, you may be overwhelmed by the many choices available. However, there is a key to selecting the best that actually resides within your overall landscaping layout. One of the best things about deck landscaping is that you are able to design the deck and its surrounding area in any way that you see fit. In this article, I will share with you some landscaping tips for choosing the best outdoor plants for deck.

The first tip to use when selecting garden or landscape plants for deck is to choose plants that can handle varying temperatures and conditions. You do not want to plant extremely heavy trees close to the deck. This will require a different approach to your overall landscaping scheme. Some of the best options for deck landscape include bamboo, herbs, ferns, ivy, hostas, azalea, bamboo, and roses. In addition, some flowering landscape plants such as tulips, dahlias, blueberry, and chrysanthemums may also work well.

Next, take a look at the climate zone that you currently live in. This will provide you with the basis for selecting the plants you want to use on your deck. If you live in a very warm climate zone, then you will want to avoid the heavy foliage plants like hydrangeas and Japanese spurge. Instead, opt for the shade-loving plants such as clematis and asters. These will provide enough shade for your deck while also remaining beautiful year round.

On the flip side, if you live in a cold climate zone like Alaska, then you would not want to grow too many garden plants. Instead, you will want to select those plants that require more light, and will thrive in low light conditions. Favorites for this are hostas, crocus, and phlox. There are a wide variety of hostas available as well as several other types of plant that will do equally well as garden plants on your deck.

The best outdoor plants for deck selection come in the form of flowering bulbs. Bulbs have a wide range of uses both inside and out of your home. Some bloom at the start of the year and bloom again throughout the fall. Others are available all year long. Most flower bulbs come in a wide range of colors from white, pink, yellow, orange, green, and purple. With the right selection, you can easily create an incredible array of color and blossoms that will enhance the beauty of your deck.

You may also want to consider a few plants that are known for their edible foliage. This can include such fruits as apples, strawberries, blueberries, and herbs such as basil, parsley, and oregano. Apples, strawberries, and blueberries are particularly great for your deck if you enjoy eating them out of hand. As for herbs, there are several delicious choices. Basil, dill, sage, chives, and tarragon make wonderful additions to any deck, especially if you grow them yourself or keep them fresh in a small refrigerator. If you plan on cooking with any of these edible flowers, remember to pick the flowers before bringing them from the garden.

When picking the best outdoor plants for deck selection, keep in mind the location you are planning to plant them. You will also need to think about the climate of where you live and the amount of sun that is available. Some flowers will not bloom in the shade. While some varieties do better in full sun, others will do best in partial shade. Choose the type of climate that you are used to and then find the flowers and plants that will work best in your area.

One of the best outdoor plants for deck selection is ferns. Ferns can thrive in almost any climate, and they look beautiful in a deck setting. Ferns are especially beautiful around the holidays. Decide which flowers and plants will work best with your deck, your garden, and your general landscaping style. Remember, your deck is a permanent feature that you will be living with for quite some time, so choose the best outdoor plants for deck selection as well as one that you can easily care for.