Best Decorative Plants For Your Balcony

Having beautiful flowers as your landscaping feature adds so much to your home and it is such a joy to be able to grow your own flower garden. Flowers are a beautiful plant to have around your home and provide comfort and color. Most landscaping designers suggest having flowers in your flower landscape feature, but what do you do when you are not a landscaping designer? Try balcony plants for an eco-friendly way to bring life to your balcony without the hassle of digging holes, pulling weeds, mowing the grass, and dealing with pests and deer that love to feast on your flowers.

Beautiful balcony plants really dress up any balcony, even a small one. They bring colors and scent to the air, add living creatures and wildlife, and embellish your area with natural beauty. Even urban gardening enthusiasts can bring nature even closer to home by selecting simple balcony plants that will thrive in their little corner of the outdoor world. You’ll enjoy blossoming flowers year round in your favorite balcony flower garden.

When shopping for balcony plants, start by considering your location and the season. Choose the best flowers for your climate. Some flowers are better for southern areas, while others work well for sunny climates. Choose a plant from every possible flower type in your area. There are many varieties available: tulips, hydrangeas, irises, daffodils, bells, marigolds, and bluebells just to name a few.

If you live in an apartment or a balcony with limited amounts of sunlight, you may need to think about container gardening. Container balcony plants are a great idea because they require very little upkeep. Most people who live in apartments know this is a primary reason they choose plants they can move if needed. Others have balconies with full sun but need an extra source of light. In this case, they would place plants that require full sun in the balcony on top of pots that provide artificial light.

Keep in mind that balcony plants come in a variety of styles and types. There are some that are grown primarily for their beauty and aroma, while others are used for pest control and attract birds. There are also plants that can be grown successfully without the use of soil and others that only need a shallow container. Full sunlight is necessary for successful growing conditions, so balcony plants may need to be planted in the brightest place in the apartment.

The main difference between indoor growing plants and those that require a balcony is sunlight. Gardeners who choose to grow plants without sunlight will often find that they do not have good growth and the plant will not flower. If you are lucky, however, you might find that they bloom and flower very early in the season. If you are going to use an artificial source of light, you should consider using taller growing plants. You can find these at almost any nursery, as well as at most gardening stores.

Geraniums are often considered a ‘state flower’ because they bloom during most of the year and bloom almost all of the time. These plants are very hardy, but need to have very good growing conditions in order to produce beautiful blooms. They love full sunlight but will grow equally well if planted in shaded areas. Geraniums also like the partial shade provided by a plant or tree that is placed nearby. One tip is to put the geraniums in a pot that is placed next to a window rather than on a balcony where it will receive little or no sunlight.

One of the best balcony plants for urban gardens are the cacti. These are easy to grow plants because they do not grow very tall. In fact, most varieties average four feet in height. If you grow these plants in pots, you can place them on an old wooden crate in the garden and still keep an eye on them.